Repair and overhaul work on freight wagons

At Spoorijzer, our mechanics are engaged in the daily maintenance of goods carriages. We serve the entire Benelux from three offices and various mobile workshops. Spoorijzer contributes to reducing the downtime of freight carriages by relieving its clients of all their worries. This is done by applying the principles of first time right and one-stop shopping.


Spoorijzer works fully in line with the requirements of its clients and can respond quickly and flexibly to their specific wishes. We realise that stationary carriages do not contribute at all to the company's profitability, customer orientation and efficiency.

Spoorijzer locations

Location Rotterdam

Service buses depart daily from Rotterdam to carry out maintenance along the track. Spoorijzer Rotterdam has four service busses and three company cars at its disposal. Spoorijzer also has its stock warehouse in Rotterdam. 50% of the parts are in stock here and can be taken directly by the mobile service and fitted/replaced the same day.

Location Venlo

A location was opened in Venlo in 2014. All maintenance in the Venlo region and the Ruhr area is carried out from the Venlo location.

Mobile on-site service

In order to provide you with the best possible service as a customer, we offer this mobile service on location. With our modern and well-equipped mobile service unit, we come to you when it suits you.