Service is tailor-made

Spoorijzer works fully in line with the requirements of its clients and can respond quickly and flexibly to their specific wishes. We realise that stationary carriages do not contribute at all to the company's profitability, customer orientation and efficiency. For this very reason, we work in partnership and agree with our clients on the best time and place to carry out maintenance on the wagons.

Vision and Mission

Keeping wagon standstills to a minimum. Speed, efficiency, quality and one-stop shopping are required. Smart maintenance, not cutting back on maintenance, but planning maintenance efficiently. Quality means working with modern certified equipment, materials and maintenance insights. And it goes without saying that wagon maintenance is carried out by trained and competent professionals.

Quality also means less tangible matters such as time, involvement and personal attention. Spoorijzer strives for partnership, striving for a long-term relationship with its clients. Besides taking an interest in and committing to the maintenance concepts of the client/ECM, Spoorijzer permanently strives to improve and innovate its maintenance and processes. Offering maintenance tailored to the unique circumstances with the wishes and possibilities indicated by the ECM itself.

Our Commitments

Correct communication
Deal = deal
Price in relation to quality
Eye for detail
Identifying with the customer


ECM function IV
VCA certified staff
EN 15085-2

Reducing downtime of freight wagons

Spoorijzer makes a contribution to reducing the standstill of freight wagons. The repair and overhaul work that needs to be carried out on freight wagons is carried out within the set time period. Spoorijzer uses the principles of one stop shopping and first time right. Or, customer intimacy and operational excellence.

Would you also like to experience our service?

Do you want to keep wagon downtime to a minimum? Then get acquainted with our excellent service. Thanks to our flexibility, efficiency and professionals, your wagons will be on their way to their destination in no time!