Workshop in Roosendaal

Spoorijzer has been operational since 1 July 2013. From the old steam locomotive shed on the Bosstraat, maintenance work on freight wagons and locomotives will be carried out again.

After the shed was fully restored, the interior was also taken in hand. It now houses a fully equipped workshop where maintenance and overhauls of railroad vehicles can be performed.

Spoorijzer wants to make a contribution to reducing the standstill of rail-bound vehicles. It does this according to the principles of "first time right" and "one stop shopping".

Satisfied customers

During the years that we have been active as a maintenance company, we have managed to build up a considerable permanent and satisfied customer base. After all, these companies know that when Spoorijzer carries out the work and other services, it is of the right quality. Some of the customers that use Spoorijzer are:

  • Touax
  • Wascosa
  • Ermewa
  • VTG
  • Voestalpine Railpro
  • Bombardier
  • Defensie
  • GATX
  • Lineas
  • Samskip

Wagon works

RID-compliant boiler overhaul
Revision in accordance with VPI (up to G4.0/Br3)
Revision conform § 32 EBO
Repair of derailment damage
Repair of major AVV damages
Welding according to EN 15.085

The workshop in Roosendaal has been visited and tested by the largest wagon owners and is certified to carry out various maintenance activities and complete overhauls.

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